Your business isn’t “one size fits all.”
You need tailor-made, baby.
Your business isn’t “one size fits all.”
You need tailor-made, baby.
Your business isn’t “one size fits all.”
You need tailor-made, baby.
Your business isn’t “one size fits all.”
You need tailor-made, baby.
Every day, business owners like yourself are getting leads, sales and customers from Instagram – for free.
If setting up your Instagram account as a revenue stream or funnel to your business is one of those tasks that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list... 
do. not. worry.
You’ve been busy running your business, working with your clients and keeping your customers happy. 

As the owner of your business, that’s exactly where your head *should* be at. 

(If it wasn’t, you now have permission to be worried.)
And now, you’re taking a little sneaky peek over at Instagram, wondering what it could do for your business...

but you can’t stomach the thought of going through yet another online training course or program. 😩

Yes, someone most certainly can.
"Before this strategy session with Elise, I never knew what to post, which hashtags to use, or how to get clients from Instagram. Since working with her, using Instagram has rapidly become my platform of choice and I can literally make a post using the guide she created and immediately get bookings (from a single post!). 

It's been a month since I worked with her and I've already booked an additional $20K in revenue! If you want quick results and you care more about creating valuable content for engaged followers (versus thousands of fake followers who will never buy), you should work with Elise."
- Becky Keen, Soul + Business Coach
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Welcome to the 
Show Me The Strategy! 
Instagram Growth Package.
This package was designed just for you: the busy business owner who’s ready to make Instagram another revenue stream in their business, but is completely OVER doing *one more* online course or training – and just wants the strategy done for them.
As seen in...
My name is Elise Darma, and I’ve been running Instagram accounts for clients since 2013 over at my agency, Canupy Inc. 
Almost $1,000,000 in tracked revenue has been generated through managing my clients’ Instagram accounts, growing my own personal account to over 70,000 followers, and teaching 1000s of students in my online courses and programs.
Some of my past clients and students include...
... If you’re completely over the DIY option of online courses and programs…
... And if you’re not quite ready to invest in done-for-you services starting at $1,000 a month where my agency grows your account for you, this strategy package was made for you.
It’s perfect for kickstarting your Instagram account’s growth and for making Instagram a shiny new revenue stream in your business.
... If you’re completely over the DIY option of online courses and programs…
... And if you’re not quite ready to invest in done-for-you services starting at $1,000 a month where my agency grows your account for you, this strategy package was made for you.
It’s perfect for kickstarting your Instagram account’s growth and for making Instagram a shiny new revenue stream in your business.
"Elise is an awesome coach because she connects her advice to your business goals. She gets that Instagram is part of an overall marketing strategy.

I had around 500 followers when I started working with Elise. She was not only clear on how to grow your following or how to grow your likes, she was very clear on asking what we wanted to accomplish for our business and the ways that we can use this amazing tool called Instagram to do just that.

We used Instagram heavily when we were marketing our Mastermind Live Event, which was our first large high-ticket event. Tickets were between $950 - $1950, and we actually sold out 45 seats. I do believe that a huge part of that was because of the relationships that we had established on Instagram.

Instagram was pivotal in us selling out this event."
- Sara Christensen, Founder & CEO at Kickass Masterminds
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Before I embraced Instagram... I was stuck. 
It wasn't until I "cracked the Insta code" that I reached my dream lifestyle.
Hand-delivered to your digital door step, here's everything that's included in the Show Me The Strategy! Instagram Growth Package.
Researched and created just for your business, one Instagram Strategy Guide that includes everything you need to know and follow in order to grow your Instagram account effectively.
This Instagram Strategy Guide is exactly what my agency Canupy would create internally... if we were to grow your account for you.
Inside the Instagram Strategy Guide, you’ll get:
  • A profile makeover of your Name and Bio... including at least 3 options for you to choose from so that you attract the perfect follower in way less time
  •  A total makeover of your profile’s feed, including content themes to take the guessing out of what to post next
  •  At least 20 content and caption ideas so that you’re never stuck on what to share or say
  •  30 copy-and-paste hashtags, already researched for you and chosen specifically so that you can attract your target followers
  •  At least 5 Instagram Stories recommendations so that your followers get to know, like and trust your brand
  •  An easy-to-follow content posting schedule for your feed design to keep it
  •  Pre-made social media templates that you can have with just one click!
You’ll also get 60 minutes of face-to-face time with me (Elise!) to talk alllll things Instagram. 
  •  Have a few questions about your specific Instagram Strategy Guide? Ask them in our 1-on-1 chat.
  •  Do you have team members who need to be trained to take over your Instagram account’s day-to-day posting? Invite them to our chat.
  •  Need a live demo of how I do anything related to posting, Stories, Highlights, going live or anything at all related to Instagram? No problem! 
Total value: $5,000.

The Show Me The Strategy! Instagram Growth Package is yours today at an investment of just $1,997.
"Elise, I just closed two high ticket consulting clients from Instagram and I have to tell you it's all because of your course! 

One client that I booked through Instagram was worth $7K!

To date, I'm close to $20K revenue generated just through Instagram.

I'm so thankful you made your course and I actually went through it all and followed your advice. If not, I would have ignored IG and kept falling flat on Facebook! Thanks for making it, you are amazing!"
- Brandy Kinnear, Marketing Strategist
Click HERE to read how Brandy earned $27,000 from Instagram with less than 1,000 followers.
"I hit 30K!! 

I've also made $650 for 2 promoted posts, I've gotten 3 new clients, 4,300 new followers and I got a spot in Glamour Magazine."
“Freelance Biz in a Box gave me the tools and the confidence to cut the cord with my boss of 20 years and venture into the world of the #digitalnomad! Elise has brilliantly figured out how to grow her own business and generously passes along her knowledge to her tribe. 

My business is Instagram marketing and I am still taking Elise’s InstaGrowth Boss course because she knows it better! 

The world of digital marketing is changing so quickly that you need a trusted resource to keep up. Elise is my gal.”
It's time to dust off the Instagram account!
Let us handle the strategy so you can kickstart your growth today.
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Join today and get access to a special LIVE edition of the course.

Join InstaGrowth Boss & get access to the LIVE teachings of this course, including:
  • Pillar 1 Q&A Live Chat: Tuesday, November 7th (replay now available)
  •  Pillar 2 Q&A Live Chat: Tuesday, November 14th (replay now available)
  •  Pillar 3 Q&A Live Chat: Tuesday, November 21st (replay now available)
  •  Brand New Live Training on Instagram Stories: Tuesday, November 28th
Let's go back to those "wild wild west" days...
I’ve been growing Instagram accounts through various methods since 2013, when very few brands had realized Instagram's potential. 

So I've spent YEARS...
...Reaching out to influencers, representing my client brands.
...Running giveaways and contests, for my client brands.
And I've been in the app literally every. single. day. since then.

Then, just last year...
I decide to “walk my own talk” with my personal Instagram account @elisedarma – to grow my marketing services business, and to lock in more clients.

When I first started...
In the spring of 2016, I had about 3,000 followers. They were from my years of experimenting with random methods, but to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to my personal account then – I mean, I had client accounts to grow! 
But then I made a switch...
By the summer of 2016, I reached 5,000 followers. That was July 1st.

By September 1st, I reached the coveted 10K mark

And then 30K by November. 

And 50K by February. 

It took just over 6 months to get there from start to finish. 
Along the way, I was building my other social audiences from scratch (including my mailing list, Facebook, and Pinterest profiles), so I had NO OTHER pre-existing community to move over to my Instagram. 

And nope! I never received a major media feature, or coverage by other blogs or Instagram accounts to boost my growth.
That’s why I know my method works. 

Because after years of testing Instagram methods for my clients, I put my OWN personal account to the ultimate test.

And it worked.

That means...
Whether you're growing a personal account, a blog, a service-based business or an online shopyou can replicate the exact methods I took to grow these types of accounts… in a fraction of the time and cost.
Have questions?
Have questions? I have answers!
“When will I receive my Instagram Strategy Guide?”
You’ll get your Instagram Strategy Guide within 10 business days after booking this package. At the time of booking, you’ll schedule in your preferred time for our 60-minute call, which will be after you receive your Instagram Strategy Guide.
“Can I invite team members to my 60-minute call with you?” 
Yes, of course! We recommend bringing on 1 to 2 team members that will be directly involved with your Instagram marketing strategy and running your account. The call with take place online via Zoom, and we will record the call so you can rewatch or refer to it whenever you’d like.
“Will everything in this Instagram Strategy Guide be personalized to me, my business and my target followers?” 
Absolutely. Every guide that me and my team creates is researched, customized and developed just for you. We do extensive research into your business and market to determine what your unique angle and strategy on Instagram will be.
“Is there a refund policy?”
Because of the nature of the work involved, this package does not come with a refund policy.

Have more questions? Email my team at support@elisedarma.com and we’ll be happy to get back to you!
No more excuses to be missing out on the vast powers of Instagram in 2019. 

Let’s get you properly set up and ready to go on the biggest social media platform of the year.

Let us help you get it done. 

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