Free, Hands-On Workshop: Hosted By Elise Darma, Instagram Educator

Ever wanted to get me on Zoom to work on your Instagram? This FREE, hands-on workshop (that's perfect for coaches, service-based entrepreneurs and product creators) is basically just that.

Sell More By Doing Less On Instagram

WITHOUT cringe-y sales tactics, posting with zero return for your efforts, or burning yourself out.

 Roll up your sleeves and let's make changes to your account TODAY.
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Ever wanted to get me on Zoom to work on your Instagram? This FREE, hands-on workshop (that's perfect for coaches, service-based entrepreneurs and product creators) is basically just that.

You're not alone if you've ever just wanted to throw Instagram away.
As someone who's been tapping at her phone professionally since 2013 and made a full-time living from it, I'm here to ask you a scary question:

Do you ever want to just throw Instagram away?

The new features, the million videos, the moving buttons – AH!

The truth is: Instagram has changed drastically over the years and you, as a business owner, have likely changed too.

You *know* your customers are on the platform...

...but you don't want to contort into a selfie-addicted influencer, you're tired of feeling invisible while churning out content consistently, and you're sick of the comparison game. 

Let's make Instagram work for you... and leverage its power to sell more of your offers (even while you do less on the app).
The Tasks We'll Get Done In This 45-Minute Workshop:
A snappy PROFILE MAKEOVER and profile bio rewrite – to become a "must follow" account by your ideal followers and future customers.
^ pulled right from Social Bank, my signature course
80 CONTENT IDEAS for your posts and videos – generated in just minutes (I'm talkin' quality ideas that'll bring in leads, customers and sales).
^ another free lesson from my course Social Bank
FUTURE-PROOFING your Instagram account today... for powerful changes that are coming up. (I'll share a formula to make this painless and profitable.)
^ yep, you guessed it – this is a lesson from Social Bank
Join the hands-on workshop today and get a 9-page fillable PDF workbook so you can implement the changes as we go, as well as 5 in-depth pages of workshop cheat sheets.
Elise Darma
Meet Your Workshop Guide

Hey there, I'm Elise!

For over a decade, my speciality has been in helping not-so-Insta-famous people make actual, real revenue back to their small businesses.

After starting out as a social media marketer back in 2010, I quit my job in 2014 to run my content agency full-time and in 2017, I became an online educator to my favorite people: business owners.

Think of me as an “elder millennial.” I’m your bridge between the pre-Internet world (I remember having only garden snakes and trampolines to play with), the corporate world (you bet I had an office cardigan) and today’s digital marketing world.

Today, I've worked with over 30,000 business owners who've hit mega milestones like jumping from $800 in sales to $15,000 the next month, and reaching $100K in revenue in just 10 months.

I’ve been featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner, Teachable and Later for my marketing expertise. And now I can’t wait to help you dominate your Instagram strategy.
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