Go Behind-The-Scenes of a 6-Figure Business...
& Get Free Step-By-Step Training
On The Top TOOLS Used In The Biz
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Tired of testing out 487 different online tools.... only to be left feeling frustrated and wanting to throw your laptop across the room? 
Wouldn't it be grand to just KNOW which tools the top online business CEOs are already using... and how exactly to use them?
Here's Where I Can Help.
I've spent YEARS trying out all the tools (and I've wasted many dollars on useless tools, too).
The Goal Of This Tools Training is Simple.
  • To show you the essential tools that I use in my business everyday... that have allowed me to scale to $100,000+
  • To show you HOW to properly use the tools with step-by-step instructions
  • And to give you a bunch of FREE resources related to the tools... so that you feel confident in using them from day one.
Sound good?
Included is over 6 hours of comprehensive tools training.
Here's a taste of what you can expect:
Training 1: ClickFunnels
  •  Learn: How to build a high-converting landing page from scratch using ClickFunnels!
Training 2: Convertkit
  • Learn: How to grow your email list and send a freebie to a new subscriber!
Training 3: Teachable
  • Learn: Everything you could ever possibly need to know to set up an online course!
Training 4: Bonus Bundle
  • Learn: Three bonus tools that I use to get more even MORE leads and sales in my biz!
+ PLUS +
Free Goodies You'll Get:
  •  My high-converting WEBINAR registration page template and confirmation page
  •  My top-performing SALES PAGE template (that's generated over $100K to my biz) and order confirmation page
...with prompts to show you exactly WHAT to write where on the templates!
+ PLUS +
Free Goodies You'll Get:
  •  My open-worthy WELCOME EMAIL SEQUENCE that you can copy and paste
  •  A list of my top performing SUBJECT LINES (out of 278 broadcasts sent)
  •  A how-to guide on WRITING SUBJECT LINES
+ PLUS +
Free Goodies You'll Get:
  •  The roadmap I use to CREATE MY COURSES - all in a handy WORKBOOK format
  •  My course creation SLIDE TEMPLATES
  •  My WHOLE SYSTEM of how I record, edit and upload course content - including all the tools.
Free Training You'll Get:
  •  📞 Acuity, my tool for BOOKING IN CALLS, clients and coaching
  •  📝 Interact, a tool for QUIZZES and lead generation
  •  ⏰ Deadline Funnel, for RUNNING LAUNCHES or offers that have an urgent deadline
Wow, Elise! This all sounds awesome. But I'm curious...
"What exactly have these tools done for your business?" 🛠
  •  Once I implemented these tools, my business cracked 6-figures and grew to over $100,000/yr in revenue
  •  My email list grew to over 17,000+ people I can reach out to with my offers at anytime
  •  Sales now come in while I sleep (no exaggeration!)
"Is this Tools Training right for me and where I am at?" 🤔
This training is for you if:
  •  You're running an online business
  •  Your business is generating at least $2,000 a month in revenue
  •  You're looking to set up systems that SELL for you
Learn the ins-and-outs of online business tools from someone who's been doing it for the past 10+ years.
Elise Darma
I'm Elise Darma, and I'm a full-time Instagram marketer (you can find me at @EliseDarma).

I'm the founder of Canupy Inc, a content marketing services agency for e-commerce brands.

I've grown personal and client accounts to a cumulative 250,000+ followers – WITHOUT major media features or having an existing audience.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve made a full-time income through Instagram marketing, which has allowed me to travel the world and work remotely for over 300 days

I've been featured by Forbes and, as well as in numerous business and marketing podcasts and blogs such as Smart Passive Income, Screw the Nine to Five, The Next Web, Later and Teachable.
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