Can you make it as a
traveling entrepreneur?

Spoiler alert: 
it's NOT just champagne, selfies, and business class.
(But it's close.)

Your first step to being a traveling entrepreneur is to start with this FREE 5-minute checklist.
With the checklist, you'll get...
  • The 13 points that are KEY for being a successful travelpreneur.
  • My honest recommendations if you don't meet all points (and what you can do next).
  • A list of personality traits that are typical amongst self-employed entrepreneurs.
  • Free admission to my Facebook group where you can ask me (and other travelpreneurs) all your questions.
Wave goodbye to your questions and confusion by grabbing this free checklist right now!
Meet your travelpreneur host.
I'm @EliseDarma, and I'm a full-time Instagram marketer, having grown personal and client accounts to a cumulative 250,000+ followers

Over the past 4 years, I’ve generated a full-time income through Instagram marketing, which has allowed me to travel the world and work remotely for over 400 days. 
And yesss, Carmen Sandiego was my childhood #goals 💃🏻 
Mystery solved!
"Elisa Darma was incredibly helpful in getting me started with my consulting business. 

Instead of aiming to be a full-time travel blogger, I instead became a traveling entrepreneur – a travelpreneur – as the amazing Elise Darma calls it."

- Christina Galbato
“Freelance Biz in a Box gave me the tools and the confidence to cut the cord with my boss of 20 years and venture into the world of the #digitalnomad! 

Elise has brilliantly figured out how to grow her own business and generously passes along her knowledge to her tribe. See you in Bali soon!”

- Cara Gray
nicola smith
"In just 3 months, I secured 6 ongoing clients which makes me full-time in my business!

My only regret – I wish I had just signed up to work with Elise sooner!"

- Nicola Smith
If you've got questions on whether the travelpreneur life is for you, why wait any longer?

You could just be *one checklist* away from making your travel dreams a reality...
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