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Videos Vault is a two-part program that's one half TRAINING, covering both the how-tos and strategies of TikTok and Reels, and other half VAULT of 300 actionable video ideas. 

Perfect for COACHES, SERVICE PROVIDERS and CREATORS, Videos Vault is the quickest and easiest way grow your followers and organic traffic today.

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ONE TIME OFFER - JUST AN ADDITIONAL $17: Get 200 NICHE-SPECIFIC ideas for your short-form videos for just an additional $17. So in addition to the 300 evergreen ideas that come with Videos Vault, this add-on includes 20 video ideas for each of these 10 niches: Art, Beauty & Makeup, Health & Fitness, Travel, Real Estate, Spirituality, Relationships, Financial, Interior Design and Handmade Goods. Just an additional $17 or $0.09 CENTS PER IDEA for a total of 200 niche-specific ideas for your TikTok and Reel videos! (Not available anywhere else!)

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  • 300 Video Ideas (value: $197)
  • ​TikTok Creation, Editing + Strategy (value: $197)
  • ​Reels Creation, Editing + Strategy (value: $197)
  • BONUS: ​The Video Traffic Path System (value: $97)
  • ​​BONUS: The Video Ideas Generator (value: $97)
  • ​BONUS: How To Batch Create Videos (value: $47)
  • ​BONUS: Off-Camera Video Marketing (value: $47)
  • ​BONUS: On-Camera Training For The Shy (value: $47)
  • BONUS: Access To Elise Darma's Money Vault Club On Facebook (Priceless)

“One of my Reels has over 80k views (and I only have 4200 followers)! Thank you!!! Update: It just hit 200k 😳"

Valerie, New Parents Academy

"Within a year, I've grown from 700 to over 13,000 followers...

And booked in at least $25,000 of business from Instagram."

Erica Rawls, Real Estate Agent

"I did my first Reel yesterday and had a sale from it! Someone saw my Reel and said they needed what I used! So I DM'd them with a voice message and boooya."

Missy, Network Marketing

“You’re the reason why I downloaded TikTok. I have 2 videos that have more than millions of views and the others in 100k views. That’s crazy."

Charles, Beeswax Candles & Soaps

"I had a video go somewhat viral on Friday and I went from 3,300 to 18,400 followers and growing in a week! And it's been viewed 375K times. Your Vault has been so helpful!!!"

Amber Shaw, Weight Loss Coach

“In the past 4 months, I've booked about 15 weddings… resulting so far in an additional $25,000.”

John Malloy, Photographer

"I finally made an account and posted less than a week ago... I’m incredibly surprised at the interest – one of my videos from 3 days back has had 41K views!"

Shadé Zahrai, Confidence Coach
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